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Minnesota Peace Team (MnPT)
August 2008 Training
For service during Republican National Convention (RNC)

As many thousands of people converge on St. Paul, Minnesota during the Republican National Convention, many people are concerned about being able to safely use their political voice during the events of the convention.

The Minnesota Peace Team is being formed and trained for service during the convention and following the convention at other events. Learn about this powerful tool and the techniques that can be used to de-escalate violence whenever voices of different perspectives seek to be heard.

Training will be conducted for people interested in being on the Peace Team.  Training is 8hours and session will be held on August 9, 10, 16, 17, 22, 23 and 30 in various Minneapolis and St. Paul locations.  A two-hour orientation will be conducted before each session.  To register or to learn more about the training or the Peace Team contact minnesotpeaceteam AT gmail DOT com or call 612-483-6041.


The Minnesota Peace Team (MnPT) is a group of people trained in nonviolent techniques who serve to protect life and human rights in potentially violent situations. We do this by reducing fear, bringing an attitude of openness and respect for all, increasing trust through relationships, and at times by being a presence or barrier in a physical conflict.

The Minnesota Peace Team is nonpartisan, we protect people on all sides of a dispute from physical violence. We do not interfere with civil rights, do not protect property, and do not enforce laws. The Minnesota Peace Team affirms human dignity by training Minnesotans in nonviolent techniques and responding to community requests to be present in potentially volatile situations.

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