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A video for voters.

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The purpose of the ForeSIght20/20 video is to inform people on the broader issues that make their participation in the 2004 Presidential Election of critical importance.

Each ForeSight20/20 DVD or VHS contains a 15-minute discussion film, a 30-minute broadcast film and an extended-length section with longer clips and details of individuals interviewed.

2 Questions Posed

"Why is this election especially important to you?"
"What are the issues that are most important to you in this election?"

More than forty random individuals and more than 20 who could speak with some authority on the major issues listed below were interviewed. All experts interviewed stressed the importance of informed voting in this election in particular.

Viewers of ForeSight20/20 will have the opportunity to explore viewpoints on the accumulated issues and the emerging issues that will be impacted by the elected administration in the next four years. See the discussion/ talking points included with the video here.

Topics Discussed In Interviews
  • Economics and Trade Policy
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Foreign Relations/Defense/Intelligence
  • Health Care and Insurance
  • Legal/Judiciary/Constitutional
  • Social - Political/Multiple Topics
The Video

The ForeSight20/20 video contains several different segments, each focusing on a particular issue with various"people on the street" and experts speaking about that particular issue. Each DVD and VHS contains 3 separate parts of ForeSight20/20 - a 15-minute discussion, a 30-minute broadcast and a 45-minute extended content part. 1. The 15-minute discussion is a short sample of the full range of issues/interviews and is a good resource for stimulating group discussion without taking a lot of time to view. 2. The 30 minute broadcast can be viewed as a half-hour program and contains more information and detail than the shorter version. 3. The extended length part has additional interview material with more detail arranged by speaker. The DVD allows you to select a speaker from your screen to view clips, while the VHS will play each of the speakers in alphabetical order.

Some individual segments on the various topics are available for viewing on this website here or can be ordered on DVD or VHS here.

An Election Issues Discussion Guide is included on the cover of the ForeSIght20/20 video.

Experts Interviewed

Economics and Trade


  • Steve Boyle, Retired Administrator, Minnetonka School District
  • Cynthia Crist, System Director for P-16 Collaboration, MN State Colleges and Universities
  • Judy Schauback, President, Education Minnesota (read/listen to quote)
  • Dennis Schapiro, Editor/Publisher; Treasurer, Minneapolis School Board


Foreign Relations/Defense/Intelligence

  • Coleen Rowley, FBI Agent; Speaker and Author, Numerous publications including "Civil Liberties and Effective Investigation" in Patriotism, Democracy and Common Sense (read/listen to quote)
  • Joe Schwartzberg, Professor Emeritus of Geography, University of Minnesota; President, Minnesota Chapter, Citizens for Global Solutions (read/listen to quote)
Health Care and Insurance
  • Kip Sullivan, Health Policy Writer, Consultant; Steering Committee Member, Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition (read/listen to quote)


  • Ted Dooley, Attorney; National Lawyers Guild
  • Peter Erlinder, Professor of Law, William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul; Past President, National Lawyers Guild (read/listen to quote)

Social-Political/Multiple Topics

  • Dick Bernard
  • Andy Driscoll, Political Consultant; Community Organizer
  • Peter Eichten
  • Arlen Erhdal, Congressman, Retired; Former Secretary of State; International Affairs Consultant (read/listen to quote)
  • George Latimer, Professor of Urban Studies, Macalester College; Former Mayor, St. Paul (read/listen to quote)
  • Julie Madden
  • Margaret Lulic, Consulting Philosopher, Author and Speaker: Leadership Integrity
  • Yusef Mgeni, St. Paul Public Schools; Former Executive Director, Urban Coalition (read/listen to quote)
  • Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Faculty, Justice and Peace Studies, St Thomas University; Author, Lecturer (read/listen to quote)
  • Mattie Weiss, Midwest Organizer, League of Pissed Off Voters; Co-Author, "How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office"
The Production Team

Director/Producer - Jeff Nohner
Production Assistant - Rita Nohner
Executive Producer - Ann Dwight Lewis
Website Consultant - Cindy Atchison
Project Consultants - ForeSight20/20 Committee; Burt Berlowe, Dick Bernard, Andy Driscoll, Kathie DuRocher, Jane Powers.

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