Personal Reflection or Group Discussion Talking Points


  1. Which speakers or speakers' comments had the greatest impact on you and why?
  2. Which speakers or speakers' comments did you disagree with and why?
  3. What comments or information surprised you or was new to you?
  4. Which of the six topic areas do you think will have the strongest influence on the way you will vote? Why?
  5. Which topic area on this video or DVD did you think gave you the most important new information?
    • Economics and Trade Issues
    • Education and Social Political Values
    • Environmental Issues
    • Foreign Relations/Defense and Intelligence Issues
    • Health Care and Insurance Issues
    • Legal Judiciary or Constitutional Issues
    • Other
  6. What information or speaker gave you a new insight that might influence the way you vote? Why?
  7. Before you watched this video and participated in this discussion, had you decided how you would vote?
  8. Are you considering changing your mind on your previous vote decision?
  9. Generally, did you find this video helpful or not helpful? Why?

Please let us know on or email if you found this election documentary helpful and why or why not.

Thank you, ForeSight20/20 Production Team

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