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Peace Sign in Minneapolis Window - January 2007You may have to look a little carefully to see it (note photo), but there it is, on the picture window of a modest home in northeast Minneapolis MN: a Peace Symbol, silently witnessing to its neighborhood and all passersby.

Linda, who works at a neighborhood coffee house I frequent with a couple of friends every other Tuesday, told us about the symbol and its history in early January. It is her home, and her personal witness to Peace. It has attracted both kinds of attention: people who affirm its presence...and at least one unknown soul who felt it his (or her) duty to 'egg' it in the middle of winter (you can see the evidence just above and to the right of the peace symbol).

It is our tendency, perhaps our wish, to see dramatic breatkthroughs: an instant end to War; a rapid turning of our leadership from War-worshipping policies to sanity.

Peace Bumper DecalIt would be nice, of course, to see instant turnarounds, but the dramatic work is really one 'peace' at a time, like the symbol in the window; like the bumper sticker '24PEACE' I saw on a vehicle at Lake Tahoe last October; like the giant PEACE sign outside the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis; the metallic PEACE symbol on the trunk of the car in front of me recently; like, like, like.... Every one of us must bear witness if we are to have any chance of turning the destructive Titanic of War and its related war economy away from the Iceberg which is ever more obviously signalling our collective death.

There are, also, the big dreams too, and last summer I was privileged to become one of the early participants in the brainchild of a University of South Florida professor, Dr. Michael Knox, whose proposal is for a Peace Memorial in the City of War Monuments, Washington DC. We've had this on the home page of this website since last summer, but never really publicized it adequately.

You can visit www.uspeacememorial.org and learn all about the Vision, and Dr. Knox's personal peace biography in the registry section. Scrolling down you'll find my own offering, and Noam Chomsky's, and Concepcion (Connie) Picciotto (who, along with colleagues, has since 1981 kept a round-the-clock vigil for peace across the street from the White House in Washington DC). And there are others as well, some whose names will be familiar to Minnesotans. Joe Schwartzberg, Human Rights and Peace Store, MAP, Citizens for Global Solutions MN, First Unitarian Society, Network of Spiritual Progressives.

How about you and yours becoming a contibuting partner, now, this winter?

Consider very strongly becoming a participating member of the Peace Memorial project (donations are tax deductible). Register your organization as part of the Peace Registry. Make it a point to share this information with others.

"Tall Oaks from little acorns grow" goes the saying...but every Tree needs water. Let's help nurture this Oak Tree to Peace!

It is easy to put off such tasks. PEACE cannot wait.

Basilica of St. Mary - Painting by Emmy WhiteThis painting, of the Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis, by Emmy White (© 2005), is the illustration for September, 2007, on the Basilica calendar. It's a good reminder that September 21 is International Day of Peace. (click to see larger image - displayed here with permission from the artist)


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